About us


The African Dream Benefit is a Perth based non-profit organisation founded in 2009. We use education as an essential tool to tackle poverty in Africa. We also understand that tackling poverty does not begin and end with education. It is a systems approach that requires investing in other important areas such as leadership development, employment, and entrepreneurship. The activities of The African Dream Benefit are guided by the belief that youth not only deserve a basic education, but they have the right to a quality and relevant education that will enable them to self actualise, and break the cycle of poverty irrespective their background.

Africa is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, which presents many opportunities to dramatically minimise poverty. However, lack of education and economic opportunities continue to deny many access to a good standard of living. This inadequate access to education and employment opportunities creates economic, social and political barriers and stunts future economic growth.

We achieve this through the African Dream Scholarship Fund and our Leadership Program

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Through respect, integrity and courage, our purpose is to nourish the seeds of knowledge that are in Africa’s youth, which will grow into fruitful trees.

Our purpose is to harness the capabilities that lie within individuals; particularly women and people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, by enabling them to express and activate all the capacities that are inherit in them and self actualise through education and leadership development.

Through this we are contributing the economic prosperity of Africa one person at a time. Through our purpose, we will create the change we want to see in Africa.


Our values define who we are, and guide our actions, behaviours and decisions. They are fundamental to how we work with each other, and how we relate to our stakeholders.

We are:

- People who demonstrate respect, integrity, and teaming

- People with passion, courage and enthusiasm to lead from where we stand

- People who form relationships that are built on putting the individuals, communities and institutions we serve first

- People who value and benefit from diverse people and perspectives

- People who pursue new and better ways of achieving our objectives

- People who do more with less

The African Dream Benefit takes this idea further. Children not only deserve a basic education, but they have the right to a quality and relevant education that will enable them to achieve our dreams despite their financial circumstances.

Today, high levels of poverty continue to deny many children access to quality education. This inadequate access creates economic, social and political barriers for young people and stunts future economic growth within the African continent.

Meet Our Team

Our team in both Australia and Zimbabwe plays an integral role in our success and delivering on our objectives and purpose.